Opening your own business can be exciting and thrilling.

It’s everything that comes after the excitement and thrill has worn off that dictates whether you as a small business owner will make it or not. Our professional team can help you write a business plan or tweak the plan you already have.

•Prepare and file your Federal Employer Identification Number application
•Determine your startup capital needs
•Select best suited business structure and tax advantages for your business
•Establish billing and collection procedures to maximize cash flow
•Establish procedures to monitor and maximize cash flow
•Help you set up home office to maximize tax deductions
•Prepare and file all required state and city licenses and permits
•Prepare payroll and payroll tax filings for first employee
•Comply with employment laws
•Identify your business insurance needs
•Help you develop partnership agreements

We can help you set up your new business as a C-Corp, S-Corp or Partnership. We will also help you

Let us help your success by getting your new business off to a good, strong start!